How can digital process innovation contribute to business management?
How can digital process innovation contribute to business management?
28 April, 2022

One of the biggest technological challenges facing large organizations is the growth of data. Since 2019, ENGIE Energía Perú has started the Data Lake project, a large repository of information that responds to the needs of the commercial area. This is characterized by containing structured and large-volume information.


Previously, the commercial team manually downloaded the information from the website of the Economic Operation Committee of the National Interconnected System (COES in Spanish) to process and perform the various monthly or annual analyses, as required. In most cases, the billing user had to collect a large amount of information from approximately twelve different databases to complete his analysis. Problems arose when the download did not work and the files were “dropped” from the system. This made the process cumbersome, as in several cases the problem was repetitive.


This is why the procedure was automated in the Data Lake. It went from a manual download phase to a mechanized one, keeping the information available and reusable in a repository, which is held at the corporate level, without the need for the business user to intervene. “Comman Data Hub” is the name of the ENGIE Group’s repository, a place that allows storing large sets of information and consulting them through Power BI reports that are updated automatically.


Process innovation works as a necessary strategic weapon for any organization. It is essential to streamline procedures and position a company in such a globalized world, since it optimizes both internal and external operations.