ENGIE illuminates Ocucaje’s Central Square with renewable energy
ENGIE illuminates Ocucaje’s Central Square with renewable energy
13 July, 2022
  • The system is equipped with 120 solar luminaires that allow the city to have an eco-friendly space for the entire community and its visitors.


  • This initiative is part of the social contribution of the Eólico Punta Lomitas Project of ENGIE Energía Perú, located in the district of Ocucaje in Ica.


As part of the social contribution of its wind project “Punta Lomitas” and its commitment to the environment, ENGIE Energía Perú implemented a modern photovoltaic (solar) system to illuminate the Central Plaza of the district of Ocucaje, in the Ica Region.


The system has 120 autonomous solar luminaires of 150w of power, installed on 60 poles distributed over a total area of 5,300 m2 that makes up the town square. Since the system produces its own energy autonomously from the sun, it is not connected to the electricity grid and therefore does not generate any cost to the city. Moreover, as it is renewable energy, it reduces CO2 emissions, thus protecting the environment.


The photovoltaic system also includes the lighting of monuments and ornamental elements of the Plaza, as well as the installation of a tree illuminated with solar panels. “The objective is to recover life at night in the district and to stimulate the reactivation of visitors to the city, known for its important paleontological remains and its wines,” said Cesar Cornejo, vice-president of Operations and Projects of ENGIE Energía Perú.


ENGIE Energía Perú’s Punta Lomitas Wind Project began construction in September 2021 and upon completion – during the first half of 2023 – will become the largest wind farm in Peru. With 260 MW of installed capacity, the future plant will have 50 wind turbines and 60 km of transmission lines that will allow it to inject its renewable energy production into the national interconnected electricity system.