98% of customers see ENGIE Energía Perú as a reliable company
98% of customers see ENGIE Energía Perú as a reliable company
  • The generator achieved 91.4% satisfaction as part of its survey.


  • Customers highlight ENGIE’s support to the communities, as well as its environmental care programs.


As part of its customer orientation strategy, ENGIE Energía Perú conducted the 2020 Satisfaction Survey in order to know the level of satisfaction of each of its customers in an objective manner. Likewise, in order to identify the strengths of the service provided by the company, as well as opportunities for improvement.


The survey was directed to executives of client companies and revealed that, in 2020, 91.4% of the clients surveyed were satisfied with the service received. It also revealed that 98.1% consider it a solid and reliable company; 87% see the company as committed to the environment and 93.7% consider it an ethical and socially responsible company.


On the other hand, 94.4% of those surveyed are very satisfied with the ease of communication with the Point of Contact, as well as with the clarity of the information provided, and 82.9% are very satisfied with the timely communication of maintenance and/or programmed activities that affect electricity consumption. In addition, another of the attributes that stood out as part of the survey is the good treatment, good service and that there is fluid, fast and adequate communication.


In addition, it has achieved a 54.9% Net Promoter Score (NPS), which means that a large number of respondents would recommend ENGIE, thus evidencing the level of positioning of the brand in the eyes of its customers. It should be noted that the company has an annual NPS goal of no less than 50%.


Finally, the survey respondents highlight the work carried out by ENGIE in activities such as: support to the surrounding communities, environmental care programs, and the promotion of renewable energy, among others.


It is worth mentioning that, as every year, Datum International conducts this survey for ENGIE through online and/or telephone interviews with a structured and standardized questionnaire provided by ENGIE. All responses collected are treated confidentially. The survey was attended by 86 client companies out of a total of 97, representing a participation rate of 89%.