Quality Management and Certifications

Since 2004, ENGIE Energía Perú has had the ISO 9001 certification for its energy generation and commercialization processes, which allows it to have a quality policy aimed at having each person in the company direct their work towards achieving maximum customer satisfaction, both internally and externally, thus increasing the value of the company for the shareholder.


The ENGIE Group considers the certification of its subsidiaries worldwide to be fundamental, in terms of processes, business, environment and safety. For this reason, ENGIE Energía Perú has the following certifications.

Which ensure the implementation of an integrated management system focused on quality, environment, safety and occupational health that meets the requirements of these three standards, as well as the legal regulations applicable to our activities.
In 2022, we started the implementation of ISO 27001 project, which is develop in three stages. For 2023, we will certify the process of energy commercialization that come from all plants, and Chilca operation and maintenance, for later to add the rest of generation plants in 2024.