Health & Safety

Our collaborators are the heart of the company: their integrity is our strength and responsibility. Through the occupational health and safety policy (OHS) we are concerned that no life is put at risk and we prevent the occurrence of accidents or illnesses, for our employees, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders. We had 0 fatalities and 0 incapacitating accidents in 2020.

Our commitments

ENGIE Energía Perú seeks risk management, planning and, therefore, prevention; it complies with the requirements of current legislation, policies and rules of the ENGIE Group. Likewise, the company defines and ensures that the staff has the necessary skills and competences to carry out its activities in a safe manner; to this end, induction, awareness, training and coaching techniques are reinforced year after year.

Our preventive and training actions are mainly focused on 5 components
Security committees

All of our headquarters, both operational and administrative, have committees made up of employees (unionized and non-unionized); this way, we promote communication, participation and commitment of the personnel in all matters of health and safety in the workplace.

Constant verification

To ensure that the controls and requirements for risk prevention are met in collaborators and contractors, we carry out periodic and unannounced inspections of facilities and constructions; observation of tasks and monitoring of medical examinations and occupational diseases; permanent supervision of work in the field, in order to ensure compliance with policies, standards and procedures; permanent monitoring for the review of agents that may compromise health (noise levels, lighting, radiation, temperature, among others); technical and legal audits to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


We promote a behavior-based culture that includes the active participation of the line of command, through the application of leadership techniques in routine safety and occupational health activities.


Thanks to the mobile application ENGIE Previene and other applications that allow us to have a feedback system, we improve the time in reporting events that could compromise the safety of staff or third parties. In addition, this application also allows us to record experiences and lessons learned that are then analyzed to implement improvements in procedures.

Training and Coaching

We ensure that all personnel working for ENGIE Energia Peru know and apply the controls to prevent risks. The trainings are focused on 4 aspects: risk control, emergency response, behavior improvement, specialized courses.